Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Room of Craft

Before getting sick I had BIG plans for my creative space.
Mirrors being hung to bring in light and make the space feel fresh and new.

 Drawings jotted down to remind me of placement of trinkets and things.

It was to be a great way to start off my New Year.

This is why I tend not to plan, plans always get broken around here.

As I start to heal, I can't lift or move things on my own.  So I have to wait for hubby to have the time to listen to me bark orders.

My oasis became this, quickly, too quickly.

How does this happen for a room that hasn't even had a soul in it. Except this guy...
It is a dumping ground for things that hubby didn't know where to put or that guests piled things outta the way.

Which leaves me with even more work than I started with.

I hope soon to see the floor covered in my new white luscious rug.  The walls covered in fun art and most of all a light box area for taking great photos.

Yes, all the bedding needs freshening and the curtains need attention.  Plants need to be brought in to add life and color. 

So many plans so little energy.  My goal is by next week to have it up and running and me in my seat working away.

Note pages of ideas were scribbled as I recovered and I just can't wait to get something started again.

Like I said before I got ill, I want this to be the last time I for a long time that I redo this room.
I want to get it all right this time around to feel comfort and escape but structured to get work done.
Tune in next Friday and see what I was able to achieve.


Julie said...

Hi Amy - I am excited to see what you achieve with your space - I know it will be great.
I hope this doesnt sound awful but I am kinda pleased to see your studio looking like that ... as mine sure does also!!! Only worse. And its overwhelming & I dont know where to start, so have kinda moved myself out to the dining table. Perhaps when I see your ideas I will be inspired to do something myself :-)
Hope you feeling better my friend, Julie :-)

Susan deGeneres said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly chaos can take over. Throw a couple of cats into the mix, and you have my studio. LOL.

Rhonda said...

I love that you have given yourself a week to accomplish your redo. Too many times I try to do it in one day and never get it right. I am sure it will be wonderful.