Sunday, February 3, 2013

Teen Girl at Heart

Yep,  deep down I am still a teen girl.

 I love hearts and candy, pink and red and combine them all I fall hard.

So when I set out today to find a book to occupy my time (the internet has just become too boring) I squealed with delight upon finding this series.
I haven't been able to sit and read since I was pregnant (4 years and counting) that was just too long to sit without something to spark my interest.  I needed something light, fun and mindless to get me hooked and back to carrying a book around.

Yes browsing the TEEN section, I had to come home with the LA Candy Series by Lauren Conrad, the original OC gal.

I have already been sucked into these books with just the first page.
So silly I know but it is just what I needed.

As we walked around the bookstore my son found his love in book form and asked "mom, can we go back to our home now?" He found what he wanted and we were both happy with our new books.
The afternoon will be spent reading and the smell of vanilla candles filling the house.
I heard Dr Oz say that burning a vanilla candle helps curb cravings of food and helps you eat less if burned before a meal.  I don't think a bit of this is true because it makes me crave cake...bad!

But it is a delightful smell while reading candy titled books, who knows maybe I will splurge tomorrow and get a piece of cake ;)

PS  here is what my sons groundhog turned out to be.
I don't know but I think this groundhog needs  a few more weeks of sleep. We will see if my son's groundhog has predicted the future.  It seems our weather is changing back to freezing cold next week...


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a precious groundhog! Where in the world were my vanilla candles last week when I baked that crazily fattening Butter Cake???? :/ I'm buying some this week!!!


Julie said...

Hi Amy - well I too am burning a vanilla wax melt and all I can think about is eating chocolate...!!!!
Hope you enjoy your books, reading is a good escape I always find.
I awoke to rain this morning & it sounded Oh So Good. Hugs, Julie Xox

Susan said...

How fun! I think we all need to indulge in a little easy-reading sometimes, especially in the nostalgic form. Those teen books look enticing. :)
Love little guy's Groundhog!