Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspiration in Blue

Today I am tackling my curtain redo in the studio
I made these last year all from vintage linens pieced together.
But I never finished and I could never find the energy to rework them.

Til today.

I bought this vintage silk lingerie case in Chicago and I bought it to stuff as a pillow.
Today I pulled it out of my sorted fabrics and stuffed it.
Then it hit me.
I would love to have a navy blue as the topper of my curtains.  It will really bring all the color together and take your eye up to the top of the curtains to make the room and window appear much larger.

So I hope by the end of the day my curtains are finished and full and it will be one more thing to check off my list of getting this room finished.


Susan deGeneres said...

Hi, I love the navy blue for your room. I think navy makes whites really sparkle. Can't wait to see the finished window.

Julie said...

Hi Amy - to be honest I have never been a fan of navy blue as had to wear it for years as a school uniform - however . . . I think it would look fantastic as a topper & also I adore that "cushion" you have made from the lingerie case. Happy curtain sewing my friend :-) Julie

Nina Rachel said...

i actually never thought that navy blue could be pretty in a room - but after seeing this i definitely have to change that ;)
lots and lots of love