Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let the Sewing Begin

The house, quiet.
All the shades pulled tight to make the house dark.
The air is on freezing, pumpkin candles burning...and me at the ironing board.

It is that special time of day when child sleeps nothing is moving or making a sound. Just the hum of the air conditioning.

The kitties follow me to my studio and curl up and fall asleep to the sounds of the sewing machine.

I sit and patch, cut and sew in peace of the stillness of the house.
The light and the smells make me think it is winter outside. It gets me in the right mindset for crafting.

It took me 2 hours to patch and cut the pattern out. It would be much faster if I were using traditional fabrics but since I had to piece my grain sacks together it was a long process just to cut out the pattern pieces.

Today they sit and wait for me to go get interfacing for the light weight sacks.
This heat has to break before attempting to get out and run to the fabric store.

Tomorrow is supposed to cool off and rain is coming in!!! YAY!!!
But until then, it is camping in the living room, art projects, races with race cars and swimming in the bath tub. Why is it the days are so long in the summer. Why can't the days in the winter be longer and summer shorter?Someone needs to look into that please.


Julie said...

Hello Amy - just LOVE little Brooklyn in his "hut" tent there :-)
I am sooo excited about your grain sack project - I think about you making it as I go about my day :-)
Hope the rains come & cool things down for you - sending creative vibes & cooling thoughts across the miles to you, X x x Julie

Petite Michelle Louise said...

YOU, dear Amy,are an amaaaaazing mum! i'd go out of my mind trying to entertain a little one indoors all day! you ROCK! ;)

Rhonda said...

That is the cutest tent ever! You sure set a mood, winter in July. I love your creativeness.