Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cats and Circles

Once again my day is starting way too early for my liking.
5:30 is getting to be a ridiculous time to get up.
But when the child decides not to nap the day before and fall asleep at 8:30 in the evening...of course 5:30 am seems perfectly normal...ugh! Someone get me off this roller coaster!

Trying to do some down time yesterday in hopes of a nap coming on, I dimmed the lights and put on some quiet tv. I grabbed the crochet hook and just started making circles.
I have a plan, we will see if it comes to be later today. These are being blocked now to lay flat.

So as I decide to crochet, Child decided to paint a lovely picture. Then glue then color it.

He tells me it is a helicopter...we are still stuck on helicopters around here.

I think us being home non-stop everyday is taking its toll on the kitties too.
I think they like us to leave and let them have the home to themselves for a bit out of the day.
Caught some fun pics of my others sons

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Ann On and On... said...

I've seen some people sew circles like that together to make pillows.

(First time here...cute blog.)