Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Desk Wears Socks

I did it!
I finished painting my desk!!
It turned out so lovely.
Here is the original...
Here is the new!

It is a light gray shabby blue. It brightens the space so much, I really needed it.

I taped of the legs to give it some distinct design. I wanted it to look dipped and have contrast not just solid blue.
So it looks as if it is wearing knee socks ;)

I am so thrilled with how it turned out.

Can't wait to get in there and work with some new fabrics.
I picked out this really cool green chevron and think it really adds a punch of unexpected color to the room.
I am looking at a new desk chair and maybe a cushion with this green chevron will be perfect.

Again, B gives his thumbs up for my studio and so does the cat ;)


Petite Michelle Louise said...

very cool! love the facelift. the painted "socks" are super chic-looking! well done !

Kate said...


Love the new work table the dipped idea was brilliant! Love little B sitting at your workspace. Have fun creating!