Friday, July 27, 2012

I Got Lost

It has been months since getting out and browsing and window shopping.
(image via kate spade blog)
Summer is not my fav, and it doesn't inspire me to leave the house, let alone go shopping for clothes. I go out for the necessities of life, food and coffee.

I hibernate indoors for most of the 100* + days.

But some how yesterday it was like something was calling my name to head out and do a little pre-fall shopping.

I set out to find a few plain gray sweatshirts inspired to make something like this...
So I hit the sporting goods shops in hopes of finding vintage like sweatshirts. I did, and was questioned immediately on why I needed these by the, excuse me, people can go in a buy oh, lets say assault riffles without questions but I go buy a couple of sweatshirts in 100* weather and get put thru the ringer on my intentions for sweatshirts????? Crazy what this world has come to.

Anyhoo, left that store immediately and headed to where I know customer service is top notch.
Kate Spade. I didn't know that the new fall lines were already hitting the floor, I was just going in to say hi to the girls and boys. But my heart about dropped when I saw they had already put the shirts I had on my fall wish list out before they were supposed to.So in love with this Pardon My French T.

And this super comfy Joie de Vivre sweatshirt, ahhhh cozy.
I quickly grabbed my sizes and headed for the checkout....remember I stated I hibernate in the summer. Well seems my bank thought someone had stolen my card, since I hadn't used it in so long, and was on a shopping spree and flagged my card, put a hold on it just as I was swiping at Kate Spade.
How embarrassing, luckily my hubby was near by and saved the day. Believe me, we immediately called the lovely bank and chewed someones butt. Let me get this straight, I am a responsible adult that doesn't go in debt and uses my bank wisely, gets punished and embarrassed when trying to do a little shopping. But if I were going nuts everyday and overdrawn they won't shut your card down, no, then they are glad to slap you with fees for going over your bank limit. Again, what the hell is this world coming too!?!?!?!?

A relaxing day out with the family and having fun ended on a happy note with me getting my bank card back. We finished up by having delicious cookies and the best coffee and nordstroms cafe'. Their coffee is so strong it seriously gets your heart racing with 2 sips, better than espresso!! Being so late in the day, I had to switch to their decaf which was just as tasty!
Happy full belly and new clothes :)


Anonymous said...

What a great day Amy! Except for the bank thing. I don't understand it either.
We live at the Nordstrom Bistro here, but hubby works for Nordstrom, so it's easy and delicious.
Hope your all doing well and have a great weekend.

Rhonda said...

What an incredible post! I just LOVE that Pardon My French T-shirt...I want one!!

Sounds like a perfect shopping day!
Gotta love the husband, too