Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pig Tales

Our day is already in full swing.
The heat warnings were starting a 10 am so out for coffee we went and right back to the house we took.
Another day of sitting indoors. We did really good yesterday keeping busy and a long nap for both of us...getting up at 5:30 in the morning yesterday was not in the plans for my day of sewing. I was way too tired by the time child fell asleep to work on anything.

So today I am determined to get him worn out and me to that sewing machine.
We already played a rousing game of Shape Bandit. If you have a small child ya might know of the umizoomi team and the shape bandit that goes and steals all the shapes around umi city.
It started while in the drive thru at starbucks and a helicopter flew over, the shape bandit flies a helicopter, it immediately sparked child in saying "oh no Shape bant getting away". We then came home found shapes around the house and searched and searched for that darn shape bandit. We came to the conclusion he got away ;)

Last week I kinda became obsessed with purchasing pigs, yep pigs. No, not real ones but teenie tiny ones. My only explanation is that we started reading Charlottes Web at night and I find myself wanting to save all the runty little vintage piglets.
I haven't found the exact spot for them yet but I just love how they look all lined up, Pink and Beautiful. :)

The grain sacks have been all ripped and washed, and good lord, I should have taken a picture of my lint trap. I have washed these grain sacks 3 times and the dirt and grime that is stuck in those old seams is frightening. It really makes ya think of all those grain sack pillows people make out there and if they are really laundered correctly, ick.

They are ready and stacked on top of the dryer, ready for ironing. Then I will pattern and piece them out to get the best images on the pouf. And fingers crossed, sit down and start sewing.

Tomorrow is the last day of extreme heat warnings. I will tell ya. I feel like there is 10 feet of snow out my front door and we are stuck inside. Only difference is, snow and rain never kept me indoors. I get out and have even walked across town in a blizzard back in St. Louis to return a dvd so it wouldn't be late, lol. But heat, I don't mess with heat. Never could stand it and now I find myself living in the hell on earth, the desert. Ugh. Give me 10 feet of snow any day!!!


Kimberly said...

I'm looking at my little knick knack shelf by my computer and spy three little cast iron pig shapes myself. I think I can handle cold and rain keeping me inside better than I could handle heat. It's just wrong to have it that hot outside. I've got rain and coolness today after the most perfect temps of low 70's and sunshine yesterday. So fleeting!

Diana Mieczan said...

They look really cute all in the line. Btw: that photo of your son is super cute:) Muah and have a lovely morning.