Monday, July 9, 2012

Dreams of Sewing

When the child of the house doesn't nap, not much else gets done, including my dreams of sewing.

Slow progress on my grain sack pouf. Its like he knows I want to get something done.
But I did rip seams out of 5 more bags. Only 5 more to go now. Then wash, then iron, then sew, then piece, then cut...oh boy!!!

Today is record highs, with warnings to stay indoors. So it will be a very long day cooped up in the house.

Child also woke up at 5:30 AM, oh well that led me out to get coffee early before the heat really got going.

Thanks to a new follower, I am also slightly obsessed with The Princess and the Pea.
I think I have to make a little play set. Oh what fun it will be to make little colorful mattresses to stack on top of each other.
I really have a ton of ideas swirling thru my head and I think this summer is really a summer to get stuff done. I seem to be in a good pattern and hope it continues.

I love sewing and I love fabric. The last couple of weeks I find myself at the local quilt shop a lot.
I go in and daydream of all the things I could make if I had more time. I fall in love with all the whimsical patterns. Some are bold and fun and others are very traditional country. I don't know how my brain works and why it is so attracted to such a wide spectrum of colors and patterns.
I just go with it.

Crossing my fingers a nap happens today...and not when I am in the shower ;)


Melissa Blake said...

it's soooo hot here too...nice to stay inside in the air conditioning! Good luck on your project!

Julie said...

Hi Amy - I am VERY much looking forward to seeing your finished grain sack pouffe. I well remember having to work around small childrens sleeps & crossing your fingers that it happens. Its hard to continue to be creative when its like that but go with your flow as you seem to be in a really good creative place just now. Sending you warm (cool) wishes across the globe & hoping you get some me-time to do your sewing. Luv/Hugs Julie :-)

Rhonda said...

Stay cool and inside, yes, that is best. Going out in this heat is crazy!

I cannot wait to see your pouffe!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Look at that cute little boy! He is so adorable and looks so sweet:) Btw: It's very hot here too...A bit too hot for me. Glad that you're doinf well, darling. Missed you:) xoxo