Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crochet Bunting

I found the Martha Stewart yarn on clearance that I loved from last fall.

I grabbed 3 balls.
Blue, White , and Red

I was in the mood to make something fun and with quick results.

Yesterday it was HOT, so as child slept I watched my dvr'd Dallas and crocheted away.

I thought it would fun to make a cute bunting to fill the awkward window spaces we have in our baths.

I was so proud of myself, I actually finished a project in one sitting and followed thru on blocking it properly so it would lay flat.

Super easy and cute for a relaxed afternoon on the couch with a crochet hook.

I hope to be able to sit a do a little cutting of a pattern I bought a year ago. I set out to make poufs a year ago and still haven't even cut the pattern. So If I get the material in the laundry now, I can sit and cut later while child naps. :) It will hopefully look something like this but with vintage grain sack material. Found at the
Tune in tomorrow to see if I actually get anything accomplished.


Gail Thayer said...

Very cool Amy, so wish I could crochet but I'm not sure when I'd find the time!

Julie said...

Hi Amy, Have missed a couple of posts . . . Brooklyns bathroom looks AMAZING - you are so creative, you should be an interior designer! ! :-)
Now your bunting - I just Love those colours & this year I promised to learn to crochet !! Only July already, plenty of time :-)
Gosh how I would just love to be able to sit & whip up a bunting like that. Am soo looking forward to seeing your next creation - you keep me inspired. Hugs, Julie X x
(thankyou for your email which warmed my heart X x)

Susan said...

This bunting turned out so cute Amy! Wow, it didn't take you long at all. Those pieces would have taken me more than one afternoon. :)
I just love B's bathroom, and I agree - the paper lanterns would be neat in here like bubbles.
So sweet!

Rhonda said...

oh, how cute that red white and blue banner is. You are amazing.

Now, did you make those shredded fabric balls yet? LOL

A tale from toadstool house said...

Well done on the bunting,soooo beautiful,xx

Z said...

Had never seen your blog before but it's right up my street. I love bunting, and that just looks great. Also not sure when I'd find the time, but yours is beautiful

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