Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lost in Sewing

I lost myself sewing in my studio yesterday.

I started on my princess and the pea mattresses and love how they are turning out.
I just want to keep stacking more and more, higher and higher. It just takes a little bit and it shows off all of my favorite materials...

As I sat and cut and sewed, I watched The Rachel Zoe Project. Something about living thru her shopping excites me ;)

I continued on my fish as well, I think I like the last ones I came up with.
Layered in all natural cotton batting instead of being stuffed.

Being silly I just put one up in a frame ;)

Then child awoke and my time was over. I had such fun creating yesterday.
As the evening went on, we watched movies and I got inspired by another little project I have in the works. I picked up my crochet hook and started on a blanket. Nothing crazy, just a straight single crochet style. I love the simplicity of its straight lines. It is something easy for me to do while sitting with the family on the couch at night. And it keeps me from being on the laptop.
I have always had to do something while watching tv or a movie. It drives my hubby crazy that I can focus on 2 things at once. I get bored to easily and need to feel like I am doing something if I am just sitting. :) I will have pictures of that tomorrow!


thriftwood said...

Hello, I've just stumbled upon your blog via Gail @ Where the Moon Sleeps, and I'm so glad I have! It's lovely, and am going to get myself a cup of tea and study in detail! Love from your new follower, Claire xx

Julie said...

Hi Amy - LOVE the princess & the pea sewing you have done - LOVE the fish - enjoy your creative time. I think of you sewing away while your little man sleeps & dreams. Arent we lucky we can have creativity in our lives. Luv Julie :-)

Rhonda said...

You are SO talented, I mean it! To spend one afternoon with you in your studio creating away...I'd learn a lot, I know.