Friday, July 13, 2012

Beautiful Rain

Rain, Rain please stay and make me smile for another day.

I LOVE rain. We get maybe 2 good days of rain here all year long and when it does rain we spring open the door run outside and play. My son loves the rain just as much as I do. We sat on the front porch this morning and B had his Woody and Buzz dolls explaining rain to them.
It melted me...

I can't wait to get out in it before it goes away.
My wellies wait patiently in my closet for days like this.

But until we can get out for the day I have some cozy shots of my studio.

I am purging some things and making my life a little less cluttered. I need fresh and happy to surround my creative mind right now.
I am even thinking of cutting off my hair tomorrow. I want something fresh and easy.
I am just in that mode for change and pretty things.


Rhonda said...

It rained here, too! Woo Hoo - love it!!

Your studio looks so inviting and cozy, soft and warm.

Julie said...

Love the gumboots Amy - LOVE the fairy lights in your studio AND your corner of cushions - glad you are getting rain at last - think hard before you cut your hair off tho - very brave of you :-) Julie X x x

Leona said...

Hey you, I saw this and thought of you. Maybe something you could make or adapt?