Monday, July 23, 2012

Creating with Jenny Doh and Junker Jane

What a whirlwind of a lovely weekend.

We took off Friday for California headed for Crescendoh Studios in Santa Ana.
My favorite Plush Doll artist, Junker Jane, was teaching at the famous Jenny Doh Studio.

(image from Jenny Doh's instagram)
I have been such a fan of her work for years.
I love her imagination and stories that go with these unusual dolls.
Her simple technique wows is a full of detail and can be as complicated as you make it.

Arriving at the studio early on a quiet Saturday morning the building is full of surprises. It is an amazing space. Walking up a grand staircase was unexpected, but so inspiring.
Getting to the Crescendoh Studio was welcoming and quiet. Dolls were set up of Junker Janes work. It made ya wanna dive right in.
The day flew by, my dream of sewing all day came true. To sit around others and share tips and stories was so much fun. Everyone in class got to make their own version of a doll.

(image from Jenny Doh's Instagram)
We talked style, design, family, and even music.
Junker Janes hubby was also there and found out he is a drummer in a very cool Portland band named Iceland
My favorite song is Red #5. It really reminds me of the music I love and took me back to my first days of concerts in St. Louis.

This Doll came home with meand this is the one I made
The weekend wrapped up quickly and we headed back home by noon on Sunday.

As we were driving I would crochet and the drive went by quickly. We even hit an unusual desert downpour. It went from 109* to 69* in a matter of seconds. The rain was hard, could barely see the road or cars on the road next to us. But it was so exciting. We could see the clouds building on the open plain as we drove in closer to Nevada. Then the sky just opened and let it all out.

Now back to that crochet blankie I was working on.
It is now finished and being blocked as we speak.
I have already started on a second one in a mustard green color from Waverly yarns. It is all acrylic but super soft. I will go slower on this one, it is just a little something to work on at night as I watch tv.

Today is cleaning, unpacking and getting ready for our week ahead. Since I crafted all weekend, not much time to sit today and craft :)


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh boy, those dolls look amazing. So glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Btw: that crochet blankie looks amazing:) Muah, sweetie. Happy Monday

Anonymous said...

OH Amy,
It looks like you had so much fun!!
I love the doll you made!
I hope you and the family are doing really well!!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Those dolls are amazing Amy. What a great class you had. Love your doll and the one you took home too. How awesome are they.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

can't believe you were actually in the crescendoh studio! soo jealous! wow..what fun! love your sweet "you." ;)

Julie said...

Hi Amy - wow ! ! what an amazing weekend you had. I am sooo envious & I just ADORE the doll you made. How wonderful to be surrounded by likeminded people & sew all day. I havent done a creative workshop for ages & it took me right back to how inspiring they always are. Good on you - you so deserve it. Loved the pics of driving back in the rainstorm also - your terrain is so different there. Thanks for sharing - you have got me inspired already. Much love, Julie X x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,thankyou so much for visiting Me! I love the fun dolls you made ,it looks like a great time was had by all. Love the look of the crochet blankie too,blue is my favourite colour also :O)
Hope you are having a wonderful day,love juliexo

Susan said...

Girl, you must have been in HEAVEN there! I'm so happy to hear you spent a whole day making none other than a wicked cool DOLL. And with such talented ladies, too. Your doll came out amazing, Amy. You're such a natural crafter. :)

Rhonda said...

I remember you telling me you were going. What an amazing experience you had. I would love to hear the doll stories.


Amy! It was sooooo great to finally meet you and I had so much fun that day with you all :):):) I loved hearing your Halloween stories :D
Thank you so much for coming out to take the class <3