Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White Redirection Bathroom Redo

Okay, so yesterday wasn't my best day.
Being frustrated and upset about the school led me to take that anger and channel it into something I haven't done for myself in a long time.
Something about my independence in my wife and motherly years has slipped away.
I have stopped doing things on my own and push it off for my honey-do list instead.
Well, that ended as of yesterday.
I wanted my horrible oak bathroom cabinets to disappear since buying this home.
Yesterday I made that happen. 5 years of looking at this horrible oak was enough.
I took to the garage found a pint of light grey blue paint left over from our bedroom walls and just dove right in.
I felt so good taking the reins again of doing something for myself.
Taking my complete frustration out in the sanding and taping and painting.

I couldn't believe my eyes, the space became elegant and fresh with just a few hours of work.
I couldn't stop looking at it. I feel accomplished and proud.

This is where I sit every morning to get myself ready for the day ahead. I usually rush with a ponytail and 5 minute smearing of makeup. Now I want to sit and enjoy getting ready.

I have a few pieces of new artwork I want to hang in here as well. Now the attached bath closet matches the counter space. I am thrilled!

Now to head to the lumber store to pick out the new tile :)


Simply Me said...

I know what you mean.... My issue are having cabinets, i want to rip them out and put pedestals sinks in......But i can't do it myself... But there have been many things, where i have done it myself!! Good workout too...

Kate said...

Hooray for you!!! It looks fabulous enjoy your new space!!


Gail Thayer said...

Wow, what a difference! I'm so proud of you! It reminds me of the time that my dh had a business trip and I took it upon myself to rip out the "tennis" themed wallpaper (yep, you read that right!) in our hall bath.
I had absolutely had it with looking at that outdated wallpaper!
Feels good, doesn't it? To take back control....proud of you!

Rhonda said...

Please visit me and re-do our bathroom!!! Love it, are amazing.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Amazing what a difference paint makes! Your bathroom looks lovely.