Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank You

Thank you to all who commented on the issues of children learning in preschool settings.
It is the best feedback to hear from other mothers and what they have gone thru.

Today was a day we took control and voiced our concerns with how the system is letting us down.
We met with the supervisors and therapist and realized it is not only our child in this "teachers" classroom that is having difficulties.

This was the 3rd day our child was forced to sit and color the same sheet of paper for 45 min.
Seriously, who could sit and color for 45mins on one sheet of paper. This is what we are paying for as parents to help teach our children!!!!

We had enough!
It is time that parents stand up and pay attention to what is going on. If we wouldn't have stepped in and said something nothing would have ever been done to notice this "teacher" is not teaching or treating the kids with kindness.
Parents, when you are going to blame the schools for lack of education, please take a stand and get to the bottom of this. We found that this "teacher" teaches 10 classes and nothing has ever been brought to the schools attention.
Think of all those other kids that have been in her class and push out or made to sit for 45 minutes mind numbing coloring.
We as parents have to take charge and be PARENTS!
Voice your concerns, get involved.

As for my time that I have when nap time comes around....I have pulled out the baby clothes quilt again to get working on. I have a box of clothes to cut down and patch on. Little by little I get it out and work. It is a big project that will take years since it is meant to catalog all of his clothes throughout the years of his life. I will present it to him on his 16th birthday. Who knows maybe he will pass it to his first child years and years from now.

I am dedicated to working on things for my family this summer. I am finding great peace and happiness with it. No rushing to make orders or getting to the post office, nope just peaceful happy sewing with meaning.


Julie said...

Hi Amy - just caught up with your last 2 posts - so very sorry to hear about your son and his "teacher" - so glad you are making a stand on this issue and yes, usually other parents come forth that are having the same issues. My youngest son sounds very like your wee boy and he struggled at the beginning but turned out to be a VERY artistic young man. So take heart, it does improve. Just adore your quilt - what a wonderful gift you are making - definately an heirloom. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Julie X x x

Gail Thayer said...

It's very true that some people just should not teach!
They aren't qualified in their "heart" to deal with our young ones.
You're doing the right thing in pointing this out.
Our dd is very intuitive as to whose "nice" and helpful as far as teaching and who isn't.
My dh and I will never forget watching her leave her 4th grade classroom for the last time.......all the children were filing out and the teacher would give each one a hug.
Then our dd came up and when the teacher tried to hug her she put her hand out for a handshake!
She didn't want to hug this teacher and I think her every instinct was right on! She wasn't treated very well by her and she knew it. And she's not one who can suffer fools well.
So the best thing you can do is to be present and aware for your child and to really listen to them.
Brooklyn is lucky to have you as his mom!