Sunday, November 3, 2013

Easy Like Sunday...

Today was easy, yes it was housecleaning day, but life was easy.

The boy had a hard day yesterday which caused a lot of stress in my world.
Today though, it all changed...he was happy, kind, good listening and we started a rewards system.

My boy has high functioning autism and life gets crazy if structure strays.
He loses his words and becomes violent.  Last night he asked for a game while we were at target, one that he had seen in the christmas catalog.  Normally I would have said no, but I thought this could be a teaching tool.
Lets see how it goes and it came home with us.  Before starting we had a long discussion of how he would need to share, take turns and listen.  If not it would go back in the box. To my amazement it worked.  He loves the game so much that he is willing to sit and wait and listen. This led to today.
In order to watch a movie or tv he would have to complete a task and follow thru with listening and clean up. It worked all day.  He got 2 shows instead of having the tv on all day, he pretend played, he built blocks,
he did puzzles, and most of all completed his school work!!!!
All without a fight, knowing if he would have a fit, no tv or captain hook game.

Life with autism keeps you on pins and needles.  You never know what will set them off or how a day will go.  If all days were like today...I don't even know what to say, it would be...


Gail said...

Hi Amy .... hoping you have many more "good" days !
Gail x

Sue said...

I so hope that you have many, many more good days in your future. Just never give up ;0)

Take care,

Julie said...

Gosh Amy you sure must never know what each day will bring - must be a bit of a knife edge sometimes. I too hope you have many more good days. He is just sooo cute - that little face just melts your heart x0x

Rhonda said...

Well, I believe it is "you" that is amazing! Your love is reflective in your words. xo

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Amy,
This is such a sweet post. Hooray for good days! Life with your own little Peter Pan. I keep you close to my heart because I know the journey you are on won't always be easy, but the good times will be all the more cherished and triumphant.

Love to you & B,