Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

It is here and it seems it is here way too fast.
I did not get to enjoy my most favorite month enough, in a blink of an eye its gone :(

Today was of course costume party and tricks or treats at school.
I think the boy felt like he fit in for the first time in his life with his friends.
This is my most favorite picture of the day.

It is sure to be an awesome night and he is sleeping now to get the energy he will need to walk the neighborhood tonight.

But last night we pulled out all the stops.
First up was the last night at the pumpkin patch.
One last time at the bounce houses and the petting zoo.

This horrible spinning boat ride, ugh makes my stomach turn just looking at the pics.

Then it was on to the park to play a rousing game of ZOMBIE TAG

Poor kid, I snapped this photo of him and he looked at it so concerned that he had really turned into a zombie.

We played for another 20 minutes and as soon as we got back in the truck, he climbed up to the mirror and felt his eyes and looked deep into the mirror to make sure he was okay.
We couldn't stop laughing.

Tonight we have the house decked out for spooky fun and games.

I hate to see the month end but tomorrow will bring November and a ease of life.  Making sure to spend each day appreciating life and family.

Be safe out there tonight little goblins
Happy Halloween 2013!


Julie said...

Beautiful pictures Amy - you have captured it so perfectly., Little B looks taller & more grown up each time we see him. Happy Halloween to you my friend. x0x

Petite Michelle Louise said...

the cutest ever! laughed outloud about the "zombie" scare. he's too sweet! happy November! ;)

Sue said...

He is so cute, and so happy! I too had a great time with my four little grandkids last night going Trick or Treating! They all grow so fast.

Take care

Kate said...

He is growing and is so very handsome and precious. The photos were so adorable of him. Hope November brings joy and warm fall love to you and your family.