Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Chill

Our chill is still on.
I am seriously pinching myself.
We are usually still experiencing 90's to 100's during the day.
For us to be wearing boots and jackets and temps of 50 to greet us is AMAZING.
I love it.

It really puts you in the mood for the Autumn season.
Jack O'lanterns glow on our porch as the winds blow.

It is so perfect, just how I love it to be.

I am ready for my show Saturday and hope there is a good turn out since the weather is so perfect to come out and shop for the approaching holiday season.
It is nice not to be pressured to finish things or working until the last minute on details.  Everything is ready to load and in the garage as I type this.

This way I will be able to watch the Cardinals take on the Dodgers in game 1 without any interruption.  I still can't believe that our 2 teams are meeting like this.  My husband is a die hard dodger fan, I mean our son was named after them...I am a Cardinals fan, funny he wouldn't let me name him Whitey...or Ozzie go figure. Just joking those were never options.

I think our house may explode with craziness or as my brother texted after the Cards won last night...D-I-V-O-R-C-E  ;)

Well back I go to enjoying this amazing cold October day.
The pumpkin candles are lit and the Halloween tree is aglow.
Even the kitties are freezing from just laying on the hardwood.  The come over to cuddle just to warm their bellies.


Gail Thayer said...

Best of luck with your show, hope many shoppers come out!
I'm cuddled under a blanket right now. Loving it!
It's getting cold here at night, cold enough to build fires in the favorite thing.
I'm sure you have tons of irresistible items, loving your doll!

Susan deGeneres said...

Hey! I'm a big Detroit Tigers fan and our guy Verlander has a no hitter against Oakland going into the 7th. Hope I didn't jinx it just now. Woohoo!

See ya at the ballpark.

Julie said...

Very best of luck for your stall Amy- it has turned cold again here & I have pulled my wood basket out again & lit the fire. Have a great weekend x0x0

Rhonda said...

Amy, wishing you good luck and a fabulous time at your show. I know if I could be there, I would buy up your whole display!

Go Cards! Those red birds are amazing.

Yes, this early cool weather in the Southwest is very welcome. I agree.