Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Holiday

Ok, can I just say, lets do away with bogus holidays that don't mean a darn thing anymore.
It throws my whole day off and for no reason.  At least the schools don't follow this silly holiday, so off to school the boy went.

It was a cold and dark start to our morning and everyone wanted to stay cuddled in bed.  But the coffee was calling and I had to get moving.
Ya know it's a cold morning when the cat just curls his head under and is not begging for treats.

My weekend was good, my Cardinals are one game away from winning the NLCS against my husbands Dodgers...the tension around here is a little thick ;)
At least we had my show before the second win, and he was still willing to help set my show up with me.

Some have asked how the show went.
 (setting up)
It was different, a strange show that I have never done before and so it was good to start small again after having so many years off.
It was more for ladies trying to sell their overabundance of supplies and fabrics from years of hoarding.  I was one of the only booths that was selling actual handmade things.

But it worked out for me.  It started off rough but by the middle it was worth it.  I met a lot of nice folks and some folks that just don't have filters.

It is really disrespectful to commend me for my ideas and say you have never seen anything like it and then say I can't wait to do this for my show.
Then say, we will see who's booth gets more attention at Doodlebug.  Doodlebug is a BIG craftshow in December.  Nerts to you awful ladies.
The craft world is strange.
Anyway, it all turned out good and I thank all those that came out to support me and my ideas.

And being told my booth was best in show was very nice indeed.
My pictures do not show much, the sun was very bright and not cooperative.

I will be happy to do the Doodlebug indoor show.  It is easier to make displays and feel more cozy.
So if you are in the Las Vegas area Dec 7  come on out to Boulder City for the big show.

Well off I go to get ready for game 3 Go Cardinals!!


Julie said...

Wow Amy !!!! I thought of you all day on Sunday for your show ... so glad it went well & can definately see why you were awarded best in show - your stall looks amazing !!!! You have worked SO hard - I have a crink in my neck from peering so closely at all your wonderful creations. I love the way you have set it out & your theme that you have running through it all - I LOVE your buntings & your halloween suitcase ... all of it is amazing. So glad it went well for you ... some customers are so nasty with their comments arent they. I remember hearing customers at my stalls say "Oh you could easily make that!!!" Go home & try I always used to think. Hugs x0x0x0

Gail Thayer said...

Having no 'filter' is not a good way to go through life!
How embarrassing for them......I'll say it again, jealousy is not pretty.
The fact that many were selling supplies and you were selling art.....yes, I can see that green monster emerging!
Go get 'em girl! You'l blow them away!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your show looked awesome, Amy...glad you did well! Sometimes you do run into people who say such strange things...You wonder what they are thinking...

Diana Mieczan said...

Yowza, how rude of them but I am so glad that the show went well, sweetie. Btw: those type of mornings are dreamy:) I love them! Kisses and hugs.