Friday, November 8, 2013


Friday night and the house is quiet.
Lamps are on low, candles are burning and I officially turned the heat on.
I had been holding off but I couldn't stand the chill in the house any longer.
The last few nights I had been snuggling up with my heating pad while hubby kept sayin', "it's not cold in here" as he is wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts...ugh.
Well tonight it is comfy and I am not shivering.

I took the morning to work on my November decor.
Now it is welcoming and warm at my dining if only a pumpkin pie would make itself in the oven...when is that Jestons life hitting???

Been sewing and crocheting up a storm this week.
Whales for Xmas gifts...

Acorns to set the tone of the season...

Bettys for friends...

In between all this creativity I took a few moments to shop.
Nordstrom contacted me and thought I needed a personal stylist, lol, okay I will try it and see what they think I should be wearing.  I am pretty into fashion and know my trends but I was not expecting to be dressed like I was 60 something or a PTA mom, it was quite frightening.  I left with nothing they picked but did pick up a lovely grandpa sweater from the mens dept that I picked out.
I think I will stick to my own styling services ;) These pics are all me.  I don't want someone trying to tell me I need slacks, blouses and 4 inch heels...hell I am still in my 30's, SAHM of a special needs child, what do I need slacks, blouses and HEELS for???  Hey Nordstrom, maybe you should get a bit more info about a client before pulling clothes for them.

Well that was my week and now the weekend is here, I am not a fan of weekends but I will make the best of it.  Here's to Monday :)


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I think you have a wonderful sense of style, Amy! I, on the other hand, could use "What Not To Wear" to help me! Your creations are really wonderful!

Julie said...

Hi Amy - I agree with the comment above - you do have a great sense of style. Your posts always take me right to where you are at ... I love your table decorations & the creations you have been working on lately, I love how you describe your candles burning, heating on etc... it takes me right there with you. Wishing you a great weekend my friend x0x

Ricki Treleaven said...

I thought at first when I read it that Nordstrom wanted you to be a personal shopper (because you are so stylish)...

LOVE the acorns. So cute!

I hate being cold, and I'm always cold! I've been wearing a jacket indoors all day today.


Robin Johnson said...

Your sewn whales are so adorable.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Yes indeed, what SAHM needs slacks and blouses??? I don't even think I own any, except maybe for special occasions.
I love those acorns you made, Amy, and of course I recognized Tilda's whales - they came out awesome!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love your style and I want the sweater you're wearing in the photo with sunglasses:) Btw: your whales are so adorable..oh my goodness, they are just so darn cute! Happy Wed, love. xo