Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bookstore Browsing

What a fun afternoon we've had.
A lazy day. It was kinda chilly and the Spring winds kept us from wanting to be outside so we did indoor activities.
I am so happy that my boy loves to read.
We spent hours reading and browsing at the bookstore today.

I think we read every book in the super hero section, but staying true to his favorite we left with a Peter Pan book on cd for the car. 

As it goes, it is hard for me to look too long at any books more my age.
That is okay with me because I adore the children's book section.

So many good stories that I remember reading and new ones that I love reading to the boy.

Afterwards, he fell fast asleep and I was on to the quilt shop.
I will share my new purchases and fabric tomorrow.  I already put them in the wash.
It is time to go make dinner and watch some vintage scooby doo mysteries.

Spring break day 1....a success!


Anonymous said...

what a sweet heart and what a great day,

Julie said...

Just adorable Amy - look at him in his little Superman cape. So gorgeous that young man of yours :-)
I hope you have "Hairy McClary" book for him - my boys adored it.
Happy weekend - look forward to your new purchases :-) Julie Xx

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a cutie! The boots and cape are so sweet! I have a weakness for children's books, too!

Rhonda said...

B is such a darling, his outfit is all boy! So precious. Don't you just love it that he loves to read?