Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scenes from a 4 year old Boy

Today I kept coming across my boys toys setup in play scenes.

I had to snap pictures of how his mind works.

From his Octonauts, Kwazi in orange, and lego man playing nicely together to....

What I can only imagine is that now later in the day Kwazi is wanted for questioning by Batman and Robin for what happened to lego man. ;)

Aaah the joys of watching imagination within a boys mind.

Grandma is here visiting for Spring Break so the blog will be sparse as we visit together.


Julie said...

Oh Amy your posts about Brooklyn & his little games always bring back such lovely memories of my boys and their little action figurines & the many hours they spent & the many battles fought & won :-)
Thank you for the wonderful trips down memory lane - oh the wonders of a boys imagination!!! Julie X

Rhonda said...

So cute, little boys playing with figures is so precious. Enjoy your visit.

Kate said...

Precious sweet and beautiful

Happy Easter to you and your family!