Friday, March 8, 2013

Story of my Week


  It always comes back to where I paper garlands.  Remember my first Gallery Showing?

It is Spring and Spring means Brides and Brides mean weddings and weddings need to be dressed.
So here I am making Paper Garlands for Decor.
It keeps me busy and it always makes me happy that a Bride wants my garlands for her special day.

The rain is coming down today.
It is cold and gray and I LOVE it.
As the clouds rolled in last night, I sat in my studio with lights aglow and candles flickering and Weezie by my side crown and all...

Such a lovely setting to sit and work to.

Today I will be listing more things at Vintage Marketplace my Shop
 More coin purses and DOLLS coming soon.


Rhonda said...

Oh, I love the rain, when I'm home safe. Driving in it is nuts here in the valley. I can relate to creating on a rainy day or night.

Your Wheezie is so cute!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You make garlands for weddings? How *neat* Wheezie is so cute....I remember her from your birthday party!