Friday, February 21, 2014

I am Back

This blog is taken a backseat to life lately but all that is about to change.

We finally got me some much needed help in having me time.
We found a lovely gal that is coming in each week to be a play pal for Brooklyn so I can get back to doing etsy, making stuff and well basically having time to breathe.

Today was our trial session and it went splendidly.

I got so much done on just a 2 hour playdate.

So little by little I will be adding things back to my shop and on the blog here to sell.

I will also be doing a lot more crafting and up beat posts.

So thanks for hanging in there with me and I know I lost a lot of my followers but such is life.

Hopefully I will gain some new friends and people who have lives similar to mine.

Its gonna get great around here
Happy Friday.


Art @ Home said...

Wow, that top dreamcatcher is AH-mazing! :D

Rhonda said...

It is always a pleasure to visit you here! Life is full of ups and downs and it gets real tough at times. Trust me, no one leads the perfect happy life we all dream about.

I should be thanking you for keepin' real! I am amazed at your strength and positive attitude for your son.

I'm so happy you are back in the studio and feeling better. Sure wish we lived closer. Sure do.

Julie said...

Hi Amy - Oh I agree with everything Rhonda has written above - Life can get real tough at times. So glad you are back & sounding upbeat & planning to spend loads more time in your studio - look forward to your creativity. Hugs my friend, Julie x0x

Julie said...

Oh & p.s. ... those dreamcatchers of yours are AMAZING :-)

Galina Barchina said...

Gail Thayer said...

A brilliant solution it seems, someone to play with B and you get some studio time to yourself!
That's what I call a win.
Yes, life can get super hard at times, I'm dealing with it right now with my little one and trying to figure out the best solution. I know it's out there and all will be fine.
Your dream catchers are stunning, I adore the one you sent me!
As always, hang in there!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh I am happy for you, Amy! The time will probably be good for both of you!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

That is so great for you Amy - perfect solution.