Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dive in

Our day started with me using my own lung power to blow this inflatable pool up for B to have a little fun in the sun. It is already scorching here and a it called for a little cooling off with water time.
And I had a hidden agenda, if he plays hard in the pool he will nap hard in the afternoon...and that he did.
I ran to the yarn shop just as he was falling asleep...found some wonderful yarns so I could sit and crochet in peace while watching a good suspense mystery movie.
So I came up with a pattern from my head and sat to enjoy this super soft bulky yarn. The house dark, frigid and quiet, a low sound coming from the tv. It is so peaceful that I may fall asleep whilst crocheting.
I just love how when summer rolls around, I take to the house and hibernate with yarn.


Julie said...

Those are wonderful pics of your gorgeous little son playing in his pool Amy. And I love how where you are sitting crocheting, your pussy cat rests on a chair just beside you ! ! Such a charmed life that cat leads :-)
I have promised myself to learn to crochet this year and so far, it is May and no attempts made :-) Have a lovely weekend, Julie X x

Rhonda said...

Oh, the B, he is jumping so high, look how big he is getting.
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Amy.

I agree, your quiet time is a good time to just take a nap.

Happy Mother's Day!!!