Thursday, September 19, 2013

Superhero of Mine

Yesterday was dress as your favorite superhero day at school.
I am telling ya, this school was meant to be for our family.
We have never seen him get dressed so fast and out the door.
He never broke character once and lasted all day mask and all except at nap time.
We roamed the streets looking for trouble and milk...

When he was at school, dad went out and found a Robin costume, thank goodness for Halloween shops already set up.
But before he revealed that he had a Robin outfit, we strolled thru the costume shop with the boy just for him to take it all in.

This boy was on cloud 9.  I seriously thought he was going to explode from costume overload.
His head was just whipping back and forth, saying, ' And I can be Jesse, and Doc McStuffins, and Pirate and Perry and and

Once getting back home, dad went upstairs and came back down as Robin.

He even had to check under the mask just to make sure it was really dada.

What a day...It was good to stop all going on around us and just have a little fun.
And of course I fit in a little crocheting this week and got back to sewing dolls.
My brain gets foggy if I don't find a little time to make something.


Anonymous said...

this post brought tears to my eyes, what wonderful parents he has, lol,

Sue said...

Thanks for making me smile and warming my heart this afternoon. Sometimes it is the simplest things we do for our little ones that mean the most!

Take care,

Gail Thayer said...

What a great memory that will be for little Brooklyn!
Sounds like so much fun.....:).

Julie said...

Hi Amy ... have been on a quick trip to my Mums so just catching up on posts now ... this one made me smile but also bought a lump to my throat. He is sooo sooo lucky to have 2 amazing parents who let him be himself. I can just see the enjoyment from your photos. Oh and that bunting you are making .. just gorgeous my friend!! I have missed crafting this week & look forward to some creative time. x0x

Rhonda said...

Adorable, your two guys know how to have fun.

Gail said...

hehehe ! what a super post full of super heroes !! Gail x

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, my......I know your little dude was so happy about super hero day! LOVE that....You've been busy in your studio, too, I see! Wait 'til you see what I do with the witch cards.... ;P

Dethrose Vintage said...

Oh my god I have looked at this post so many times!! I miss you guys so much! So cute:)