Saturday, July 27, 2013


Usually I am not one for summer.
Never have been a summer girl. I prefer the cold and wet rain.
It's ironic that I live in a place where it is summer all year long.
But this summer has been different.  I have embraced the heat, (maybe cause it has been the most mild summer I can remember in 10 years) and learned to love being cooped up in the house on most days.

With our new schedule for the boy it forces us to stay home most days.  Which has been a great thing this summer.
He is at that age where we could just pretend all day long and have fun.

Thus the tent being made, that led to word banners being made for teaching tools.  He enjoys the construction of the words and gluing the letters in place.  It is a sneaky way of making learning fun.

As he sits in his peter pan costume cutting and exploring art, he turned a paper plate into a beautiful dream catcher just like mom was working on.

We dug rocks in the back yard for gold, lifted things with all our might as Superman, and ate dinner with our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

We fell asleep hard when we finally gave up...

and gave me some time to crochet some silliness in the evening.
We are changing the boys room to more colorful and pretend playland. So I made this archery target for his wall to shoot his pretend bow and arrows at.

 I think he will love it.

This summer has been about self discovery, and regaining my love for life and the little things.  I used to spend my days out shopping and searching for something...never knowing what,  just searching.  Finally my search is over and I found what I love.  Being at home with my family spending silly time together and playing.


Sue said...

Brooklyn is such a sweet boy! I'm glad you are able to spend so much time with him. I know, as he grows older, he will never forget your Summer days together!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post, for some reason it brought tears to my eyes, happy tears, he is such a sweet heart, beautiful child,

Rhonda said...

It's nice to find out that what we've been searching for was always right in front of us. Love this post!! And that crocheted target is GENIUS.

Gail Thayer said...

Beautiful sentiments Amy! We've been hunkered down as well but it's been in the 90's here which seems hot to us.
Went out yesterday for the first time all week for some thrifting and it was fun because I need some new stock for my shop (and always some inspiration!)

Stay cool........

Julie said...

Yes Amy your post bought a lump to my throat also for some reason. I am so glad you have found what you love my friend - theres alot to be said for being at home with the ones you love. So glad you are finding some enjoyment in the summers you have - you are so talented & creative Amy - Brooklyn is absorbing all his Mums creativity :-) & putting his own little "twist" on it x0x

Kadee Willow said...

What a sweet and tender post! How lucky you are to discover the joy in life is in the little things.. the little moments. You sure are a loving and caring mother!

Mom E. said...

He is such a cutie! That is most most fovorite thing to do, but now all my kids are grown, except our 17 year old...My hubby told me that they would get married and bring back little friends but one couple lives in Germany and the other couple haven't had any children yet.... So, I miss playing with my kids...I love sidewalk chalk of our favorite. Draw around your son's shadow, when it cools down, and then together you "dress" the shadow boy the same way your son is dressed that day, only drawing it on with chalk. much fun...
enjoying every moment you can! sing songs if he will, we love that too!
hearts to you!

Diana Mieczan said...

Your few last lines made my heart melt. It truly is about those little simple pleasures, isn't it? Btw: I so would join in with you guys. Looks like your summer is so much fun! Muah, darling.