Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Favorite time of Summer

It is here, mid July and the monsoon season begins.
We wake to gray skies and blowing winds.
The rain pours early in the morning taping against our bedroom windows to have me awake with a smile and the roll back over and grab the covers to snuggle in.
It makes me feel as if it is cold outside.  I am ready to bundle up in a cozy sweater and sit by a fireplace.  It is all illusion.  It is still so hot out but the way it looks thru our window, is a crisp October day.
I love this few weeks we get of surprising downpours and clouds that look so ominous. 

So our plans of swimming might get rained on but we finally discovered a place we can go, not too often but as a treat.  Bowling...yes Bowling.
I used to love bowling, we would go almost everyday back in St. Louis.
It used to cost next to nothing and it was fun.
Now it costs an arm and a leg and it is deep within a casino. UGH.
Just to get to the bowling alley we have to shield the eyes of our boy from wanting to jump on a slot machine or seeing striperesque women serving drinks. 
It makes me miss the simple days of a dive bar bowling alley with empty lanes and quiet old school country music playing on the jukebox
Times have changed or at least our surroundings of a simple hometown has.
But we make the best of it and are having fun. 

These pictures reminded me so much of one of our favorite movies Uncle Buck.  It was a real flashback to remember me as a kid watching the movie and now experiencing my own little one bowling like they did in the movie.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How much fun...a great activity inside away from the showers! I loved the monsoon season, too, when we lived in Scottsdale.


Anonymous said...

AWW, he is getting more and more handsome Amy, and that smile can melt a girl's heart!!
Watch out Mom & Dad! :)
And how fun!! I haven't been bowling in ages. I might need to take the kiddos, there is a new bowling place that just opened down the street.
Hope you have a great afternoon!!

Julie said...

Gorgeous pics Amy - just look at the body language .. so much fun. I too love bowling alleys & for some unknown reason, I am surprisingly good at it!!! Glad your weather is giving you some respite. It is grey & freezing here but at least I can heat the house up :-) x0x

Rhonda said...

You are too cute, Amy. Uncle Buck, bowling alleys, all staples of our childhood. I'm so happy Brooklyn got to enjoy his bowling day, these images are simply priceless.

Sue said...

OMG. . . the good old Uncle Buck movies!! Seriously, when I was married and my kids were little we watched them ALL!! Thanks for the memories. Glad you had some fun family time!!

Take care,