Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Okay I know that term is so last year but we are.
We won our battle with the stupid school district here and my son is in private care now, a loving and wonderful environment for him to grow to be a typical little boy.  With a headmaster that adores him and a staff that shows him so much attention and care. 
He comes home with a smile on his face and the teachers have so much love and he is finally getting taught actual schooling.  Which our school district deemed him to low functioning to have an attention span for.  Makes my heart hurt and hard to breathe if I imagine how his days were in that horrible public school. 
He now kisses and hugs his teachers goodbye and with a skip in his step he is walking out of school.
All this fighting we have done and we won. I should say our son won. 

Did I mention he is in skateboard therapy?  He chose this activity himself, asking if he could skateboard.  Let me tell ya, he is a natural.  We have really been given great opportunities in the last few days to help him so much.  Finding other mothers of autistic children in our community has been the best experience ever.  So much openness and sharing.  Willing to reach out and help.
Only good things can come of all this.

Today we dance and hope all will fight as hard for their children.  It really does payoff in the end.

As he naps from his long eventful school day, I will sit back and do some more in my studio.
Those darn flags went quick ladies.  I am going to plan some more very shabby ones made from vintage hankies that I had stored away.  It is so fun to come in and create now, without all the clutter and distraction of too much stuff.  Here is one I finished for myself with a linen and blue floral hankie.  Pinks are up next :)


Julie said...

Actually Amy I think YOU won as you were the ones that didnt give up & just accept what you were told. It just goes to show theres alot to be said for a Mothers Instinct (or a parents instinct I should say) as we just know in the very core of our soul, just what is right for our child. I love the face on the skateboard, my son loved his skateboarding & still does to this day.
Adoring your new flags you are creating dear friend, x0x

Gail Thayer said...

That is so good to hear Amy! I knew there had to be some great school around there for him.....sometimes it takes forever to find the right fit.
I'm sorry I missed your flags, I must've just missed them darn it! I kept looking too!
I'll keep an eye out, love your creativeness..have a very happy 4th.
It's so over the top steamy hot here, mid 90's and a heat watch in effect.....we're not used to it and you probably wish you had mid 90's....hahaha.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Yikes! I hope you got my email about the flag in time my friend.

Look at Brooklyn's form! He is truly a natural. It does my heart good to see that!

He is one amazing kid, and he deserves teachers and an environment that will keep him engaged and eager to learn. YAY!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh, I hope your flag days extend way past the 4th of July! You are truly creating flags I would never take down.

Brooklyn is now surrounded by loving and caring teachers, how incredible!
Look at him on that skateboard, he IS a natural - sweet picture!

Anonymous said...

so awesome! I'm beyond thrilled for all three of you. Great things are ahead! Hope you are all having a great summer.

Gail said...

Oh I'm so glad for you Amy ... and your son is such a cutie !! love your flags not surprised they went quick !
Gail x