Sunday, July 21, 2013

Full on Inspiration

Maybe it is all the rain, or waking to gray mornings.
Something is definitely got me inspired to sew and make silly things.

My brain is traveling at lightening speed I am trying to write down and sketch out all my ideas. Before they disappear.

We did not leave the house yesterday. We played, we watched movies and I made new gadgets.

A compass for the boy as we always need something to guide our way...I made a few that have different directions embroidered so we don't always have to go the same way ;)

I have a few handmade shows coming up this year and maybe that is why my ideas are on overdrive.  I started a sign last night for my booth out of vintage hankies.  I embroidered VINTAGE onto them and will sew them all up for the banner.

This got the ball rolling and I have so many other things to add some embroidered words is the easiest thing to sit and do in the evenings without bringing my whole studio downstairs to be with the family.

Today is another gray day, the lamp light brightens the house and I am already b-bopping around.
It fuels me more than coffee ;)


Burlap Luxe said...

"Full of inspiration" and Inspiring.
Loved my visit, will return.


Rhonda said...

Hey, we are both having gray days! It poured rain last night as we dined with friends from Chicago. It poured rain this morning as we stood on our deck and let the 82 degree muggy breeze soak in. Aaaahhh, loved it!

I simply adore your vintage banner, it is brilliant. Amy, that will be a best seller, if you part with it.

B's new compass is adorable.

Julie said...

Wow Amy - you sure are on overdrive. Great creativity. I too adore the vintage banner - it is just gorgeous. Keep up the great inspiration my friend x0x

NuminosityBeads said...

I love your new banner. . so great to see you getting back into the groove with your creativity. I can feel the lightness in your voice. Hugs!

Gail Thayer said...

LOVE your vintage hanky banner.....seriously LOVE it!
You are definitely a creative's obvious it's what makes you 'sing'.