Thursday, July 4, 2013

Good Morning

Just a chill morning,
no place to run, no school, no post office.  We slept in til 8, whoohoo!
I made my coffee and fed the boy and the kitties...
Now it is just time to lay back under the blankies with coffee.
Yes, did you spot the finished afghan?
I am just weaving in all the ends.  I fell asleep last night weaving the ends as I watched tv in bed.
This is such a huge accomplishment for me. I never thought I would have the attention span or patience to sit and finish a queen size afghan.  It really speaks to how much my life has changed and how I am more focused at life and what I want to accomplish with the goals I set for myself.
Next...onto finishing that quilt I started last summer.

enjoy your holiday.  We will stay indoors out of the heat.  No parties or celebrations.  Maybe after dark hits we will throw some snap pops for the boy.  Meh, its just not a holiday that is great in the desert. 


Rhonda said...

Morning Amy! I slept in, too. It felt so good. I've been sewing up a storm and hopefully will be listing today.
No parties, it's just so hot. We have already been in the pool and will probably stay in the house where it's cool.

Happy 4th and enjoy your pops!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

It's pouring rain, windy, and crazy-cool. We got Bonnie groomed with her summer 'do on Tuesday, and poor thing is freezing and shivering today. So crazy.

Enjoy your projects today!


Julie said...

Your afghan turned out beautiful Amy - congratulations on completing such a HUGE project. Well done You :-)

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hello Amy! Oh my, what an achievement with that afghan. It's another way your strength and determination are highlighted. Great job! I want to thank you so much for your email the other day. I will look into the information you gave me and really appreciate it. I will write back when I have a good bulk of time to dedicate to looking it all over. Thank you for being a great friend across the miles. I am so happy to read here that your son is in a much better place - winning indeed, thanks to you and your husband & the help you're receiving. Cheers to that!