Tuesday, July 23, 2013

For Those Who Don't Know...

I feel I am late on the train on this one but since I am a mom of a high functioning autistic child and didn't know, then I imagine most parents or for that matter just society itself is not aware of how a high functioning autistic person sees things and lives life.
 (above is my boy at a 1 year, full of life and happy at 3 we lost him to autism)
Last week browsing the book store or as my son calls it the "Library"
I started reading Temple Grandin's new book.  I immediately was so drawn in to her story and how the mind of an autistic person works from an actual person who lives with this condition.

So I rented The Temple Grandin Movie HBO did a few years back.
HOLY MOLY...A copy of this movie should be given to every parent learning their child has autism.
To know how the mind of my own child sees things, processes it and lives in this world.  Why had this never been shared with us by all the doctors, therapist, and teachers.  I connected in 2 seconds with this film and now can better understand my own child.

It is a dream to share this movie with every person on EARTH.  I strongly recommend it.  It gives hope, insight and truth.

I cannot thank Temple Grandin enough for doing this film and sharing her story and struggles.  It was a life changing film for our family. So  many things that my son does makes so much sense now.

A year of not getting answers from highly paid "professionals" and in a free movie, an hour and 49 minutes later I have answers....Can I get a refund on my therapy sessions????

A new light has been shed on things and we are so happy.

Happy campers you might say...we finally got a makeshift tent up with twinkle lights yesterday and my boy fell in love.  He also fell fast asleep in his new nook.  It made me sigh as I sat there and watched him, he became calm and happy and relaxed to just sit there playing, reading and then falling asleep. 
Life is good


Kate said...

So very happy for you and your precious boy! Wishing you the best on this journey and he is so blessed to have such loving parents who want to give him the best always. You are my hero mom!!


Rhonda said...

What an amazing post, Amy. I keep praying that other moms find your blog and are helped by all your searching. You deserve a crown for all your efforts. No one should have to go through what you did and what B did.

I adore B's tent, makes me want to crawl in and take a good nap!! Love it.

Julie said...

Hi Amy - I shall track down that film & get it out to watch. Thanks for sharing with us. Now that tent ... I ADORE IT!!! And I could crawl inside & curl up too just like little B. You are sooo amazingly creative my friend, love the fairy lights too x0x

Anonymous said...

he is such a beautiful child, our 3 year old grand daughter was just diagnosed as high functioning autistic last week, we are so frightened because we are afraid she's going back wards not forward, she can count to 100 and write her name but she won't converse with us, I'm so glad you have found answers,

Cassandra said...

HELLO! love LOVE this movie!! A little over a year ago our son Dylan was diagnosed PDD-NOS high functioning autism with sensory integration issues. He is now 5. It has been an interesting journey! There where lots of signs, but we were in denial for awhile. Finally he went through a period of depression for over a month after we returned from a vacation. It was then we finally had him diagnosed. It's hard seeing a 3 year old (at the time) depressed for that long. :( When we first found out what was going on I started to really focus on the positive happy times, cause boy are the down times challenging. We told our family members about this movie to help them understand the situation. I wish you well on your journey, we have been gifted with very special children. If you ever wanna chat cdvcreations at yahoo dot com :)

Sue said...

Hey Amy,
You are a good Mom with a beautiful son! Every little thing will be just fine. Trust your heart. . .

Take care,

Rainbow Gatherer said...

you are a lovely mom and he's very cute.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

How amazing that a simple movie can give so many more answers than the professionals. I'm so happy that it has given you understanding and a fresh outlook on autism, Amy. Your little B looks so happy in his neat tent, and you put those smiles on his face. SuperMom!