Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sunday we had family in from California.
The plan was to bbq and hit the pool.
Then this happened....

out of nowhere a huge storm hit just as we were getting ready to get in the pool.
Everyone but us scurried inside.  They asked "what are you doing?"
We LOVE the rain, we go out and play, we don't hide inside.
So while our child played and welcomed the rain, his cousins sat and watched from the porch covered with an umbrella.

I love that my child is excited to see rain and instantly runs for the door.

As rain only last a few minutes here in the desert we enjoy it every chance we get.

So as the rain ended and the sun came out, the bbq went on as planned and so did the swim.

But it was great to take just a few minutes and play in the surprise of rain.



Oh wow! These are great pics!! <3

Petite Michelle Louise said...

too funny! i've told you this before but i'll say it and Rhonda taught me to appreciate the rain MUCH more than I ever have before! I too used to run for cover whenever those rain clouds appeared but not now..not anymore...i try to savor it as you both have taught me to do. i thank you for that....

Gail Thayer said...

I adore the rain.....good thing since I live in Oregon.
But we could certainly use some right about now!
Great photos Amy!