Thursday, July 18, 2013

mon ami

Yesterday was just a laid back kinda day.
I got to sit for hours piecing and sewing vintage linens together to cover my jars.
My jars are all hand crocheted first then I layer them in all kinds of vintage fabrics, photos, trinkets and collections.
Some I keep simple others I go crazy on like an old memory jar.

Truthfully I adore the simple side.
Less is More for me.

I will be putting these in my shop but I am making a collection of them for a show I will be doing this winter.
So excited to finally have the energy and want to do a show.

I pinned all of them together and then sat last night in my comfy rocking chair and sewed them up by hand.

Speaking of my friend...thank you to those that contacted me in my IN Search of post.  It really meant the world to me!!!

Today is another sorta laid back day for summer and I will list a few things for Vintage Marketplace and then probably sew some more.


Donna said...

Really pretty ! I agree sometimes less is soooo much more!

Gail said...

so many pretty things and yep sometimes less is definitely more ! Gail x