Monday, July 15, 2013

Lets Begin

I will start my week with showing what I did this weekend.
My creative side is back and in full swing.
I am so happy to sit down and make things again.
I started with a copy of Mollie Makes and I had to sew up these super cute Betty Dolls first.
It was such fun and the most stressful part was picking out the fabrics from my piles of what to make her wear.  Just like a morning spent looking in my own closet, ;)
But I found what I liked best and I adore how she turned out.
This pattern was super simple, although they did make a few mistakes in the printing and I had to adjust some pieces, but other than that she is very easy to make.

Once that was accomplished I started on some letter embroidery hoops the magazine also gave templates for but I want to make my own word so I just free handed.  I want to use vintage hoops for my hanging so it will be a bit before this project is really done.  Maybe I will hit a thrift today to seek out some hoops.

Then we hit the Lowes Build it For Kids project my boy was super excited to start, it was a toy from Toy Story they were to build.

But if you have a child with Autism or know a child with this, you know the fun doesn't last long when a task is new and put before them.  As all the other parents were helping and doing a task together, my boy has a mind of I CAN DO IT MYSELF no matter what.
After not being strong enough to hammer nails he lost his cool and the hammer went flying, with the pieces of the toy and the nails.  The screaming starts and we have to leave.  It is like doing a walk of shame when this starts. Parents are staring at us, talking and saying whats wrong with that kid? Whispers of, get him outta here start.  Some days I just wanna wear a shirt that says he is not a brat and I am not a bad mom, he has AUTISM.
Our day went on and once a tantrum hits it is hard to recover.
I was exhausted, and so was the boy,  as Sunday evening rolled around and all I wanted was him to fall asleep so I could breathe.

I didn't breathe til midnight...then the cat bit me...Sigh.

But today is a new day.  School week begins and I will spend my morning back at releasing my tension into fun projects.
I have a cute surprise and I have to wait to share it here.
I am hoping it turns out like I see it in my head.  One half is already finished and I am thrilled with it.  Off I go.


Gail Thayer said...

OMG, your talent has no end! Cutest little doll ever!
Sorry the building workshop didn't go so well. The tantrums must be difficult to deal sorry.
You hang in there and keep being creative......:).

Julie said...

Gosh Amy you have been busy with your creating - I LOVE your doll & cant wait to see your hoop creations.
Its interesting reading about Brooklyn with the wood building ... the pics you show of him always show a little boy full of enthusiasm for life & enjoying it to the max ... so its hard to comprehend that you also have to put up with the temper tantrums on a regular basis. Yes I can just imagine those looks from those parents!! So quick to judge ... you do so well, you honestly do. Keep up with your creativity cos it will give you an outlet & some me-time for yourself. Hugs across the oceans, Julie x0x

Rhonda said...

I smiled at Brooklyn's toy on your desk, next to your doll. So cute.
I'm sorry it didn't go well at Lowes, you should get a shirt that says that!!

Love your new dolls and I have tons of vintage hoops, just let me know how many you want! xo R

Diana Mieczan said...

I adore Betty and her outfit is adorable:) I am so sorry that the building workshop didn't go too well but it will get better with time. For sure! Have a great day creating and talk to you soon:) xoxo

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I want to see more of these dolls! BTW don't think that those neuro-typical kids have never had tantrums because they have!

I know that you're disappointed about the workshop. But there will come a day when B. will enjoy one and have a great day. You'll see!