Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Search of....

Yesterday we headed out in search of...vintage embroidery hoops.

I have not been thrifting or antiquing in a VERY long time.
It used to be fun and I could find just about everything I was looking for in one good full day of thrifting.
Well, I have been out of the game for awhile and it seems things have really changed.  Gosh, the thrifts are quite disappointing and sparse here.  Not to mention the insane price hikes.  When did it become cheaper to shop for new goods at Target than bad conditioned used goods at a thrift??

It just seemed to get me in more of a grumpy mood than a good scavenger hunt mood.  By the end of the day I came home empty on gas and empty handed.  I captured how I felt in this photo of my fatsy last night.
So I give up.  I will find a new way of doing the project I wanted to accomplish.

Today I will stay home and organize some more goods for Etsy and make a few things too.  On my desk are a few jars that need sewing and accessorizing.  Maybe a swim this afternoon to relax.

For now coffee....


Gail Thayer said...

Search no more my friend, I have quite a few that will be on their way to you very soon!!!!!
That coffee looks good!

Mom E. said...

I know what you mean....I feel the same way when I find something in a donation store that costs more than if I were to buy it at Target! more than Walmart I might even understand.....but still....these items are donated....I guess yard sales are the only way to go, do they do yard sales where you live, it is so hot there, I can only imagine them in the winter! Sorry about the disappointment...I feel your pain!
hearts to you!

Julie said...

Yes the prices are the same over here too Amy - way too high for donated stuff, makes me angry too as I dont know where they get off charging those ridiculous prices. Love the pic of fatsy ... doesnt that look just say it all !!!???

Leona said...

Come to Prescott! It is the antique/thrift store capital of AZ... at least that is what it seems like. Plus, I'd get to see you! :)