Sunday, August 18, 2013

An August Sunday

This August has been unlike any I can remember.
It has been mild and gone by so quickly.

Today is threatens rain, and dark clouds have covered the skies all day.
It is my love to sit and sew while the house is only lit by soft lamps.

I love to have on old who dunnit  kinda movies and tv shows... Castle is keeping me company today as the thunder booms outside.

My hubby has taken the boy out for an afternoon ride to lull him to sleep. But before he did, the boy sat with me cutting his own fabric and gluing it to paper.

I have stayed in jammies all a shower, then put fresh jammies back on :)

I drew up a pattern for my dolls and dresses with pockets to carry a toy in.
Each doll will come with a matching pom pom and a pocket with a toy inside.
As the day went by, I scribbled down my fair booth plans and setup. I am thrilled with the ideas I have decided on to stock the booth with.

It will be french but with a kids perspective...Ruffles in white, dolls in french style, pom poms, garlands, hats, scarves, jars, stars, twinkle and glitter, white and pink, vintage and handmade. But all girly for (big and small).  And all for the young at heart.  Oooo, I must add some hearts too.

I sat today cutting patterns for all of it and slowly I will find the time to sit and sew it all.  Having plenty of time to keep it organized and boxed away until show time.
Yep, just a lazy day...

 Well the coffee maker is beeping that it is finished brewing, that is my cue to sit back and make some more goodies with a fresh cup of java.  Oooo, more thunder and the room has turned black.  YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like the best kind of day!Your dolls are so cute,

Rhonda said...

Ooh, you got a lot finished during your stormy weather! We've had a little stormy weather last night but I was fast asleep! Pool umbrella was wisked to the yard.

Enjoy the rest of this day. I'm lovin' what I see.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You've had a peaceful weekend! :D

My friend is in CCU and it's not looking very promising. School starts tomorrow for my youngest. I'm a nervous wreck just because it's new.....although it will be a much better environment, I'm used to the devil we'd been dealing with for years.

It has been raining here all week and weekend with more to come.


Gail Thayer said...


Totally sounds like my kinda day....enjoy!!

Julie said...

Sounds like a perfect crafting day Amy - I think your stall set up sounds fantastic ... wish I could stop by to make some purchases :-)
I love the dolls with the pom poms & the pocket in their dresses. Also loving that pic of little B concentrating on his cutting out. Enjoy your coffee & your creating time my friend x0x