Sunday, August 11, 2013


Is it time to relax yet?
Our week and weekend were very full of scheduling, meetings and social engagements for the boy.

We are in crunch time before the fall semester officially starts.
So it was a lot of splurging on coffee and sitting outside in the mornings, while the boy was at morning summer school, scheduling and organizing appointments.  Making endless phone calls to schools and help groups.
The weather has been unseasonably cool and we took advantage it.

For the summer we cut way back, no extra spending on things we could do ourselves at home.  No more fancy coffee, I can make it just as good if not better at home for $8 week compared to $50.
No more fancy salon to do my hair, I do it now for less than $2.

and so on, no eating out, no frivolous shopping.
But this weekend we decided we needed a break and after the world of Autism support in this town being a let down...we picked ourselves up and treated "us" to a day of coffee, and toy stores, fabric shops, movies and fun.

I get lost in my favorite quilt shop and could look for hours, dreaming of projects and matching swatches and pretty patterns.  I was good and only allowed myself $25 of fun ;)

Then it was a coffee break and let the boy play around the BIG toy store, while I sipped my troubles away.

We ended the night by watching MUD, oh man I loved this movie.
Such a great story and really well done.  I highly recommend it.

Today I will find time to make a few things.  I have 2 fairs coming up and haven't even begun to make things.  yikes!
It felt good to run away from our lives for a day,  even if it was so simple as fancy coffees, fabric and toys.  It was just what we needed to regroup and get the strength to start our fight again on Monday morning.


Julie said...

Oh yes Amy - coffee & fabric shops will certainly cheer me up too - sometimes its just what we need as a pick-me-up. So glad you treated yourself, am loving the fabric combinations you have chosen. I must say that movie looks most interesting - I rather love Mathew McConaughey :-)
Good luck with making some things for your stalls my friend x0x

Rhonda said...

I smiled when I read this post, you deserve a bit of fun and splurging. I love your hair color and I always make my own Starbucks, yum! Sounds like you had a perfect day! Makes me smile. xo

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sometimes a day like IS just what you a little vacation! XO

Diana Mieczan said...

Yup, coffee always helps, doesn't it? So glad that you had a lovely time and I am totally bookmarking that film. Will watch it this week:) Thanks, sweetie.