Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finding Me Time

When I am not bogged down by doctors, schools and therapists wanting my time.
I try to keep busy in the crafting world in order to keep my mind happy and productive.
My goal this weekend is to get my sewing table back in order.
With all the moving around of things in the studio and me starting to sew a lot more, I need organization.

I started with making the cutest little pincushion today to keep a stock of needles full of threads in different colors always at the ready to grab and stitch stuff shut that I sew. 
I just adore this Oh DEER fabric in pink and brown.
It is the perfect contrast of woodsy and just enough pink to make me happy.

Speaking of more sewing I dug this book out that I bought so so long ago and it has the cutest projects in it.
  I must get to creating soon.

This little pocket pillowcase will be a first on the list.

I bought other supplies to get stocked, more bobbins.  How come I always run out of bobbins?  The sewing fairy steals them from my room.
More sewing needles to make my stockpile of threads at the ready.
Then I will move on to my embroidery threads and carding them.

Oh not enough hours in the day.
But once everything is put together it will save me so much time for hunting for a needle or the next bobbin.

I am still making the dream catchers too.
Thanks for all the love shown for these.  This one is in progress.  I really need to hunt down some more vintage ribbons to complete it.
I did complete another vintage hankie banner/garland.  I sit and do these while my son is in therapy. It gives me time to embroider.

I am still flipping back and forth on what to make for my upcoming fairs.
Part of me wants to work on dolls and fun home decor but my customer is used to hats and scarves and all things white.  Do I dare veer off path?
People are picky out here and the etsy cutesy thing gets lost in Vegas.
and you get a lot of comments of "oh, that's weird"
Like I would love to get all my plastic animals and make sweaters for them and string garlands from antlers...but I know I would be alone in the love for them.  But boy they sure would be cute.  Much like the characters of one of my favorite story books, Shall I knit you a hat?  It is the cutest story ever if you love knitting and crochet christmas tales.

So sigh...maybe I will do what I do and then throw some quirky fun in to mix it up. 
Let me know what you think.  I would love your opinions.


Julie said...

Oh I am SO glad you are finding some creative time Amy ... I love your vintage bunting ... also that pin/needle cushion is just gorgeous - yes that fabric is adorable. Love your tiny little labels too.
That dreamcatcher with the doiley is just beautiful - Oh My I have a crink in my neck from peering so closely at the screen while having my coffee :-)
I so know what you mean about trying to gauge what people are after at the fairs ... its just such a hit & miss thing sometimes. I have that problem also ... what we love ourselves isnt always what is a great seller. You will get it right I am sure my friend x0x0

Rhonda said...

Well, you know my story and I'm enjoying reading how you have been creating when you can. You surely make use of any time you get. That pocket pillow is the cutest!

I use to feel a bit selfish always locked up in my studio creating away. I don't feel guilty now, it's my time and I've waited my whole life for this.

You've been an artist a long time and you deserve "me time" this I know.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are so creative, Amy...I love seeing what you do. It's always a dilemma figuring out what sells...

Gail said...

Hi Amy ... I agree it is so important to get creative when you have time ... sooo therapeutic ! love the stars you have made... Gail x