Friday, August 16, 2013

Dumye' Dolls

Have you heard of Dumye'?
I stumbled upon her instagram last night.
The most inspiring and goodwill that I have seen in the crafting world.

It really spoke to me that there is more to just making as fast as we can or to fill our pockets with money.
There is a cause that is greater.

This company has a purpose.  For each doll purchased one is given to an orphan for them to make and have something of their own to love.

Click on Dumye' to go to her page to see the cause and hear her story of how it started.

I connected with this story so much.  All summer I have been letting go of things, that I thought meant something, all to gain a brighter future for my son.
And it just makes me think of all the children out there that never had a toy or need some sort of assistance but can't afford it. 
I really want to start a non profit organization after being faced with the lack of care and interest for kids that can't help themselves.  This story gives me motivation to dig deeper and really get the ball rolling.

What is your crafting or business about?  Is it a release from a bad day, does it benefit others, is it because you love the craft or is it just to get higher numbers, to get noticed, to be in magazines?  At the end of the day how does it make you feel?  
Ever since I began selling my goods, a portion always went to the ASPCA and then I had a kid, and we started donating it to Child Haven.  I think now, that my focus of life and what it is about, has changed. I will work harder to change the face of a child in need.  

I used to care about the numbers, how many people hearted me or followed my shops, blog,and so on.  Now I know it isn't about that for me, and finding other moms, crafters and companies that do it from the heart is inspiring.
Do you give back, I would love to hear your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful boy, I just came home from watching our Gracie, she had an exceptionally stressful day.She just goes crazy now when our daughter leaves her, she screamed and threw herself around, all the time Lyndsy was gone, it was the longest hour and half I have had in a long time, all she kept saying was Mommy coming mommy coming, I have donated some art that I painted to be auctioned off for different things but now my focus is to help Autistic children,

Lynn Richards said...

WOW. What a great cause. Portions of my sales go to NDSA-national down syndrom association. But maybe it's time to make it a little more, or a little louder....thanks for the thoughts.

Julie said...

This is a very thought provoking post Amy - I had not heard of those dolls before so shall go & read all about them. I try to always support my local charities around the small town where I live, I often donate gift baskets of my work for them to raffle throughout the year. Also I did lots of sewing for the children of Christchurch after the earthquakes & this was distributed through Kidscan. I think for me its about the small things I can do locally & just if someone else does small things, then those small things add up into larger things.
Like you, I dont care about the numbers game on my blog ... I just really enjoy the sharing of ideas & positive feedback from it all. And meeting folk like you- way across the world doing your own small thing to touch others lives :-) x0x0x

Gail Thayer said...

I make what I make for the pure enjoyment of it and to make someone happy. I love the idea of charity and we give to many of them!!
I'm off to check out this cute doll maker, thanks for letting us know about her.....
I also never worry or concern myself with the numbers game online. There are too many really important things to focus on rather than how many people read my blog.....and although it can be thrilling to be featured somewhere it's not something I typically seek out.
I love when artists share their techniques with others as well......we were in a beautiful art gallery yesterday in Cannon Beach and the artist was sharing his own personal techniques in a video. I found it so inspiring that rather than conceal that information from others he was willing to share it.

Sharing is what it's all about!