Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunshine and Sewing

I couldn't wait to get back into my studio today.
Yesterday was such a great day of sorting, cutting, piecing and organizing to the sounds of thunder and rain, that I couldn't wait to start all over again today. Minus the rain, :(

Things just go so smooth now that my space is free of clutter and I know exactly where everything is.
It saves so much time and energy.  Amazing on how much I can get done while the boy is at school, now that everything has a place.

This was my desk today.

I laid out all my cut dress pieces matched up all the pocket toys and pom poms for them.  Then I started sewing doll bodies.

And I even did some pillow towns that I had for over a year just sitting on the back burner.

Packages were addressed and off to the post office in a flash. 

A few romantic french love letters were made and put in the shop Vintage Marketplace.

Most of the other goods will not hit the shop but be boxed away for my upcoming shows.
If you see anything you are dying to have, just email me.

The afternoon will be spent hand sewing items shut, while the boy watches scooby doo and plays with his toys.

I made him a ghost last night for his play set, per his request....glad to say that he loves it and has slid it over his spiderman toy to have the scooby gang unveil him as the bad guy, lol.  We have already watched "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and soon it will be nap time.  I hope to sit at the sewing table and get some more doll bodies put together. 

BTW, thanks for everyone commenting and sharing what your craft means to you and how you give back.  It really is inspiring to hear about so many of you out there and the causes you help support.

What are you working on today?  I am also working on having my cat not attack my scissors....what a nut.
Also you can see what I am up to on Instagram I tend to post a lot more pics of what I am working on, find me @vintagemarketp


Julie said...

Oh your post today made me smile so much Amy ... I just adore your little production line of dollies, also your pillows you have made ... & that photo of your cat - Wow!!! your cat is "helping you" with your crafting. You sound great & in full-on production mode x0x

Diana Mieczan said...

Those pillows are the sweetest. They are truly beautiful and the photo of your cat...oh boy, what a rascal:) Happy morning, lovely.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hello Amy! Oh gosh, I feel so out of touch with blogging. I'm just catching up on a lot of your posts - you've been busy! It's awesome that you are creating for some upcoming fairs and organizing your studio. Your creations are AMAZING - those dream catchers, WOW! You really have such a gift, Amy, and it's nice to see how it has helped you get through tough times. I hope things are getting better with therapists and school for B. You are a wonderful Mom!