Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Embracing Me

Autumn is just around the corner. (image via pinterest)
Now normally I am hitting the malls or shopping online for the perfect fall outfits and newest accessories.

But this year is different, for many reasons.
Last year I spent depressed and trying to hide from myself. Trying to become someone new and spending all day in the shops and buying things to disguise my pain.  I tried becoming a different girl.  One that was obsessed with all the new looks, trends, and styles.
None of it ever made me happy.  The clothes would just sit in my closet, the handbags would get returned a few weeks later, the jewelery would become useless pieces just laying never to be worn.

When I awoke from my depression earlier this summer I realized who I am,

yep I am that same tomboy I have always been, that hates dresses, heels and fancy get ups.  I am at home in t-shirt and jeans, shorts and flannels.  Canvas bags, and chuck taylors.  Comfy socks and boots.   Long hair, pulled back in a ponytail or braids.
My jewelry consists of a wedding ring and an old bandana wrapped around my wrist.
Sure, I totally love fashion, always have.  I can appreciate the styles and trends.  But back when I was working in thrifts, I adapted the high end for what I could afford and made it work.

This year I am embracing me, I will be myself and love my tomboy look.
Yesterday I hit a thrift for the first time in I don't know how long to search for clothing.  We are on a strict budget this Fall and I am not going to spend more than $5 on a flannel shirt. Yesterday I found 2 well loved, broken in flannels for 3.99.  I was thrilled!!  The blue is the softest, like a blankie. The other good ol' Eddie Bauer softest cotton ever.

I hit the clearance rack at Target and found the most adorable navy sailor shorts and camping shorts for 50% off.

Since it stays warm here until November, I will wear shorts much longer than most of the country.  Pair them with tees and flannels and a rockin' pair of boots and my canvas/leather reversable carryall, I am set.  This bag is a reversible Marc Jacobs mens carryall, softest leather on one side green canvas on the other.  Which I found for half price on Zappos!  Completely reversible for two bags is one! Genius.  And it carries my Maileg cat perfectly :)

I posed this question to my good friend Lynn, If you could only choose one staple piece of clothing to spend money on for your fall wardrobe what would it be?
My decision was between a really good sweater or a great pair of leather boots.

With Lynn's help I went with boots and the rest of my pieces will be from the thrifts to layer with.  Boots by Sorel.

So my one staple that I will spend good money on will be the boots that will last a lifetime.  I will fill in with thrift and clearance finds, the rest will be from my own closet. 
Happy Fall!  What would be your one splurge for fall?  I would love to know. 


Anonymous said...

I love your style and when I think of flannels and boots I will think of you!!! I'm so happy you found you again!

Rhonda said...

Uh, boots! I donated a box of leather boots last year that no longer fit me. So, now I'm on the hunt for boots. Good, stylish, comfy boots.

You inspire me like no other. Rachel Zoe watch out! You could dress a star in a heartbeat!!!

Victoria Harvey said...

thts is awesome....just found your blog was hoping you had a fb transparency..enjoy your next season..:)

Vintage Jane said...

Your style sounds wonderful!

Gail said...

Have to be boots ...but mostly for practical reasons ...our summer can be quite short and unpredictable for autumn winter ... a girl needs boots and coats .... so glad u r feeling better it's so horrible feeling down and yay ! embrace your own style for you look like a beautiful "tomboy" afterall !
Gail x