Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye August...Hello Fall

WOW I seriously can't believe that August is over.
I don't remember an August ever flying by like this in my life.
Whoohoo!!! Bring on the Fall, pumpkin patch, boots, sweaters and lattes

Our first week of school went by and so much fun was had. The boy adores his school and teachers.  I never thought we would find a fit for him but wow, did we ever luck out.  I can't wait for him to experience real school with real teachers this fall season.  He has already done so much art and school work and it is only week 1.

In his old school we never got art or school work.  Amazing the difference of public and private schooling.
He comes home happy, silly and full of joy. Then falls fast asleep

What a week of weather too.  Starting the week so cool and rain filled days to so hot and sticky, ya think you are back in the midwest for summer. YUCK!
At least it poured this morning one last time before the last of the summer heat hits.
I was so hoping it would last all day but it moved thru really fast :(

But the day was spent sewing and making more dream catchers for my shows.

I am stockpiling now and my etsy shop will just have to live on vintage goods for a bit.  I don't have time to spare to sit and make enough for both right now.

The good thing is all of my product is being made from all things I already have in the house.  I am making it a rule of use what I got til its gone.
I will start fresh and new after all the shows are over.

I started on a new pattern today.  I think it needs some tweaking, I need just plain material I think.  Angel wings...I will play around with them a bit more and see where they go.  I was just being silly and put this together but this is not what I want to do with them.

Well we finished a week of school, and he received a balloon from his favorite teacher ever.  He named it Hutchins and said " Hutchins, do you want to come back to Brooklyn's house?"  He then made Hutchins reply in a soft voice, "yes Brooklyn, I would love to come to your house"
Couldn't put a better ending on the week...have a great holiday weekend everyone.


Sue said...

Hi Amy,
You know after everything you wrote on this post, when I read, "he comes home happy", it made me smile!! That is all we can wish for our kids and grandkids, in my case. Being a kid, the number one priority should be simple, just be HAPPY!!

Take care my friend. . .

Julie said...

Oh Amy that is so heartwarming to know that Brooklyn is loving school so much - what a fantastic balloon - he is so incredibly intelligent naming him "Hutchins" - thinks outside the square just like his mama does !!! Your dreamcatchers are amazing - no wonder they are going so quickly for you. Happy fall/autumn dear friend x0x0x

janice15 said...

Great post.. I loved it.. I raised five children and I remember first days of school .. nice he had a great experience .. Happy Weekend with love Janice

Rhonda said...

Incredible news, I love that school is working out for your son. He deserves the best school years ever!

Fall is literally around the corner!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..I am so happy that he loves his school:) It's so wonderful! Btw: your top photo totally made me crave autumn:) Happy September, sweetie.