Friday, August 9, 2013

Time for some Fun

Well since I have been a Debbie Downer for the last couple of posts, I thought I would lighten up a bit.
As I said a few posts back, we tried changing my boys room around to make it more fit for a boy with BIG imagination and love of performing.

Before his room was catered to loving Baseball the history of the LA Dodgers all on his walls and vintage baseball collections.  It was done in dark wood and antique style.  Now even though my boy can crack a bat and send a ball into the neighbors yard, he doesn't have the love for the game.
So we focused more on things that will help him express himself.

We started with his own stage.  He loves to perform, sing, act or dance.
He stands behind the curtain and shouts...INTRODUCING...and then what ever character he has become. Notice, if you look closely, a small spot where the stage has a spot not painted.  Before we painted it we told the boy we were going to paint his name on it.  He then proceeded to go get a marker and write his name himself on his stage.  This meant so much to us that we didn't want to paint over it.

We fixed his drum set and he puts on shows singing his favorite songs.

Now there is drawing table that encourages him to do his art and write on his own rather than a forced sit down art time.  It really has worked.  He is back to drawing pictures.  That is something he lost the love for when his autism took over. 

My hubby put up metal cookie sheets and we purchased magnet letters to encourage him to spell on his own.

Cleaning out the room of clutter and replacing the toys with a selection of books that he loves to read.

Don't get me wrong he still has all his toys that he loves, batman, spiderman, superman......but we made sure we put more learning tools in the room too.

We still have some bedding issues to work out and a few more pieces of art to hang.

He did these portraits of my hubby, himself and me that we need bright frames for.  But all with time and saved money we will finish. 
We did this room using most of what we already had laying around.
Next year if all works out, we will replace the carpet for hardwood.

But for now it all works and he loves his new bright room.


Julie said...

Oh I Love it !!! All of it!!! And look at that face performing there :-) And the toes curled over the edge of the stage :-) Just delightful. I think you have done an amazing job - makes me wish I could come grab a chair & sit & watch one of his little productions. He is bound to be on the real stage one day with that kind of enthusiasm. Your post made me smile SO much Amy xoxox

Anonymous said...

it looks amazing! he will flourish in this space,

Gail Thayer said...

He'll be so happy with his new 'active' space I bet....way to go.
There's nothing like thinking positive and moving forward to motivate!

Good for you!

Rhonda said...

So cute, I showed Doug the stage! We love it!

Faded Charm said...

I can't imagine him not loving everything in this room...such fun!

So sorry to hear you have been down a hard road lately and hope you can stay optimistic that one day you can find what works the best for him:-)

Tomorrow is always another day!


Sue said...

Great post Amy and I love, love, love what you guys have done in Brooklyn's room. Everything is creative and he seems to be loving it all! You take care, okay?