Saturday, September 17, 2011

Now I could live here....

Visiting California we decided to go to some places I had not been.
We decided to drive just a short way to San Juan Capistrano
OH MY! What a treat. Such history in this little area.
I died over the little shops in the houses and would love to live on this street.
It seemed as if I were on a movie set.
People in an Art Park painting the landscapes, it just seems so unreal...this really happens on a day to day basis here.
I want a house with a white picket fence and a tire swing...or blue trim and mailboxes to match but this one, the old couch thrown in the garden. LOVE IT!!!
We had such a peaceful and relaxing walk thru the whole town.
Taking in the Missions, shops and dining.
I could still kick myself for not purchasing a few of the wonderful items this town had to offer.
But it just wasn't about the shopping, it was about family on this day.


Rhonda said...

Seriously, that sofa full of plants is too adorable. I love it.

I love California towns and missions. My dream was to end up living there, near Seal Beach. Oh well.

Your trip must have been so relaxing.
You look so happy.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

it has "amy" written ALL OVER IT! never know where life will take you mon amie! you never know....