Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Clothes = Big Boy Quilt

I finally started a long awaited project this weekend.
From the time I found out I was having my son I knew I would want to keep all of his clothes and blankets for keepsakes. But how do you keep a ton of clothes and blankets besides storing them away never to see but when cleaning out a closet?
So I started piling our favorite pieces as he grew out of them. I cut them all down into squares and began a memory quilt of his clothes. From the onesie he came home from the hospital in to last summers t-shirts. This will be an ongoing project using all his baby blankets as the backings and samples of his clothing as he grows year by year will be added until I have a full blanket for his teenage bedding.
It is really coming together easy and it is fun remembering when or where each item came from.
And how tiny he once was to fit into these things.
My son was a preemie sized when born so to see him go from having the smallest clothes swim on him to such a big boy now is blowing my mind.
I can't wait to give this to him as he gets older. I think it will be a great gift for his 16th birthday.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy,
I just adore it!! What a wonderful keepsake for Brooklyn!!
Hope you have a great day.

Jane said...

Hi Amy,
That is going to one very treasured blanket!! I saved a lot of my son's t-shirts for the same reason....let me just say that you are light years ahead of me in working on yours. Alex is now in college and the idea is still just an idea at my house. Way to go starting early!

Kate said...

What a precious keepsake for your sweet boy. I am so happy that I got a chance to see all of you when you were out.

Love to you

Rhonda said...

Awe, so sweet. I just love onesies.

Gail said...

I love this idea so much, I plan on doing it for my dd someday also (she's 11, guess I better get a move on!)

Erin said...

This is fantastic! My mom has the same idea in mind for all of my brother and my tshirt-but right they are stored in her basement in the Nostalgia box.


Erin @

Lyosha said...

adore tees!

Inside and Outside

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

I am so in awe of you! This is the sweetest, most resourceful idea. What a great way to turn something no longer needed into something that can be treasured forever. And way to go for doing it! Too often I have ideas and fail to follow through.

Diana Mieczan said...

What a fantastic idea and it looks so adorable:) Great job, sweetie. Happy Friday:) xo

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

What a great idea! I love it!


Baby Boutiques said...

That sounds really interesting, it is good to see your small baby grow big. Mum are always excited to keep a full collection of all the clothes of her little toddler.