Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its Only Rockin' Roll

Feeling a little rock star like today
I have been redoing the house and painting a ton of stuff high gloss black, maybe this set my mood for the days outfit.
I even headed down to the seedy part of the city to go for a walk for inspiration.
Lucky Brand Black Tee
Print twill shorts
Leopard faux fur clutch
Brown leather boots and gray knee socks
Tons of layered bracelets

Hope to show you all soon the changes coming to the house.
Nothing is safe from the high gloss paint....


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Cute outfit. My daughter wore a Lucky Brand Jeans shirt to school today.

High gloss paint, huh? I can't wait to see what you've done! :D

Petite Michelle Louise said...

GIRL....you look amaaaazing...and cool..and (tall) sigh. This 5'3" french-brunette would LOVE your look! awesome!

Collections said...

LOVE this outfit. That skirt is so stunning. What a great pattern!

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Tattered & Timeless said...

You are definitely "one hot mama" to quote a country song. Looks good.

Kate said...

Well you are rockin that for sure
ADORABLE xoxxo Kate

Gail said...

You're just TOO cute in that outfit! Great photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

If only I were as tall and skinny as you! :) You look so cute Amy, I'm loving the boots with the outfit!!!
Have a beautiful night.

Rhonda said...

You are what short gals dream about....being tall! You look amazing in that outfit, as in all your clothes.

I'm playing catch up on my blog reading...going backwards...in time...but it's fun.