Friday, September 23, 2011

My Dream Catcher

I love putting projects like this together
It is like a relaxing puzzle.
Finding just the right little charm or vintage token to add to all these lace pieces and doilies is just how to spend a peaceful afternoon while the child of the house dreams away.

Adding pockets to catch the love letters in and using all my edgings from my grain sacks.
The grain sack selvedge dangles long and holds little items like vintage silver bells and buckles
beads with pearls and clips to hang other things on to it.
Old zippers that go no where but add a dream of it opening something beautiful.
Vintage keys and cabinet cards all on a vintage book cover from the 1800's that has amazing numbers and script embossed on the cover and the binding

This is going to my shop so if you are in love head over to grab it.


Petite Michelle Louise said...

your dream catcher is just "dreamy!" however do you come up with these gorgeous creations?? love!

Rhonda said...

Oh, I saw this on etsy just a second ago. You know I added it to my favorites immediately.

Love it!

rudy said...

i've been with my lovely wife for 11 years. i spent a lot of time trying to figure out where she comes up with her wonderful creations. now, i just sit back and enjoy what pops up next. love you babe, keep them coming.

Gail said...

This one stopped me in my tracks, I'm trying really, really, really hard not to go buy are one creative genius!

Vintage Market Place said...

lol Gail
Thank you!

There is no explaining my brain.
See, my husband has finally learned to just go with it
love ya too babe ;)

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for joining my giveaway, sweetie! ♥

I am loving your new creation, how romantic it is to keep love letters together to read over and over again. :)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

The Cat Hag

Katherine said...

Very pretty dream catcher! Love the letters :)

Erin said...

You have a very gorgeous and unique sense of vintage art! I love your dream catcher!


Erin @

Lynn Richards said...

This is gorgeous!!!! The thought process in it is so wonderful. I love, LOVE all the items you have used.

Juli Photo Diary said...

Love it!

Barbara Jean said...

I LOVE this beautiful piece!!

barbara jean