Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heart Warming

Something about red hearts or maybe just the heart symbol itself is speaking loudly to me this season.
I just can't get enough of them.

Instead of the traditional star atop the tree this year, I made a huge red felt heart.

It really seemed to fit how I am feeling this year and goes delightfully well with our tree.
Simple as ever and no fuss just handmade heart warming christmas.

I hope you have a heart this season and give a little bit of it to those less fortunate in your community.

I will also be getting a heart warming giveaway together for my readers.
Stop by on Monday for a handmade from the heart giveaway.  Hope you will stop by to enter.

In the evening when I take a break from crocheting and sewing, I am reading this... Farm Chicks Christmas.  It is so fun and inspiring.  The best little christmas book ever.

and this is just a little vignette I arranged of cardboard trees and my vintage deer wearing her crocheted scarf I just made her for winter.

 The wood bases are wood coasters I found at target.  It really is such a sweet scene for our woodland Christmas this year.

Have a great weekend everyone.  We are out to support some friends that are having handmade sales this weekend.  

Remember to be back on Monday for the Giveaway :)


Julie said...

Hello Amy - have had no computer all week so just now catching up on my favourite blogs :-) I cant stop looking at that photo of little B with Santa - it makes me choke up seeing his little face like that!!
I adore your tree & think the red felt heart looks wonderful - everything looks SO lovely. You are absolutely one of my favourite, most inspiring blogs - you make me want to create every single day!!! All the way across the globe you make me want to step out of my comfort zone & try new things. Hows that ??!!! Keep up the great work in 2013. Great big hugs, Julie :-)

Petite Michelle Louise said...

sooooooo sweet! i LOVE it!!

Susan said...

Hi Amy!
I'm just catching up on blog-hopping. Seems like you've been busy enjoying some family time and crafting. Your trip to Chicago sounded fabulous! I hope you can settle back there some day as you wish.
Your Xmas creations are fabulous - what a great idea to fill the tree with handmade pieces of love. The tree looks stunning - and what a heart!!

Rhonda said...

Back home and tired but catching up with friends. Omg I love your tree and that heart is so sweet. Love your deer scarf, you are just too talented.

Gail said...

What a nice idea...a girl can't have to many hearts around the house !! Gail x

Ricki Treleaven said...

Farm Chicks Christmas looks like a fantastic read. And I love hearts, too, and what a sweet Christmas tree topper....I love it! Christmas is all about love anyway....super idea!