Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Woodland Simplicity

My son gathered another basket of pinecones for me on Sunday.

He was so excited to bring them home for me after playing in the park.

I decided I would preserve them in a decorative way, rather than just putting them in a bowl.

I am fond of how it turn out, simple and sweet.

They hang by my front door so as to see them everyday coming and going.

I like his coon skin cap hanging next to them.
My son is obsessed with Moonrise Kingdom, I think an excellent movie for a little boy to love.

For another fall surprise, I went to the mailbox late last night and found a lovely little package awaiting me.

A certain New England blogger took a few moments to think of those of us that don't get  a fall here in the desert and sent an envelope of brightly colored REAL fall leaves!!!
It is the simple gestures that make the best surprises in life.
Something so simple and taken for granted by most made me smile and all those childhood memories of growing up around trees came rushing back.
I lit my warm candles and gazed at my new leaves that were sent with such care.
Thank you!!


Gail Thayer said...

Pure sweetness! You have such an eye for merchandising and display.....Anthropologie should be knocking on your door and BEGGING you to display their front windows!

Kate said...

Yes I agree with Gail
KNOCK KNOCK you really did a fabulous job. Have a wonderful week Amy


Julie said...

I agree totally with the above comment Amy - you should be doing window displays with your talent. Love what you have done with the pinecones. How lovely that you were sent the autumn leaves - what a treat to open that package. Hugs, Julie :-) (had forgotten that you probably wouldnt get many leaves where you live in the desert)

Rhonda said...

I believe I know just who that New Englander is...LOL - isn't she the most thoughtful? Awe, I love your hanging, it is gorgeous and made with pure love.

Diana Mieczan said...

I love pinecones and they look so beautiful in your home. Btw: how sweet is your blogger-friend:) Aww..love that! Kisses, darling.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

sweet gifts from mother nature and your sweet boy too! love the way you've hung those pinecones! as for the leaves....warms my heart! ;)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So sweet...I love that the cones were gathered by your son and the leaves were a special gift from a friend!

Gail said...

Yeah that's a lovely display ! and oh such a nice idea for someone to send you some "autumn" ...Gail x